Aurora Cooperative


Join us for this year’s Your Yield Tour Dates!

June 14 – Minden Plot 9:30a-12p
June 15 – York Plot 9:30a-12p
June 15 – Byron Plot 6:00p-8:00pm
June 16 – Doniphan Plot 9:30a-12p
June 19 – Dannebrog Plot 9:30a-12p
June 20 – Ewing Plot 9:30a-12p
June 21 – Fairbury Plot 9:30a-12p
June 22 – Wray, CO Plot 9:30a-12p
June 23 – Grant Plot 9:30a-12p
June 29 – Traer, IA Plot 9:30a-12p

We believe in your yield and being a trusted partner who helps you make the most profitable decisions for your farm. Which is why we have decided to host the Your Yields Tour during a key point in this year’s crop. We want to enable you with information that will create additional yielding opportunities for your this growing season. Our promise is to be alongside you every step of the way all season long.

Partnering with Real Farm Research to bring you REAL independent information for your farm.


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